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Piano course online

You already play the piano and would like to learn how to play Jazz, or you would like to improve your improvisations?
You want to learn how to play the piano?
Since I’ve been living in the centre of France, in the region of Saint-Pourçain sur Sioule, I probably can only be of service to you online! Via Skype or Facetime I can teach you directly online. I know from experience that it can be beneficial for both sides to follow piano lessons this way.

You are entitled to one free trial lesson of 30 minutes to try it out and see if we get along well.

The options
I take into account the school holidays when scheduling the piano lessons.
Up front you can determine the frequency of your lessons (once a week, or every two weeks, 1 hour or 30 minutes a lesson).
In case you need more flexibility, you can buy a course of 10 lessons. During the course you yourself determine the frequency of the lessons of this course and you do your own scheduling in consultation with me. The only restriction lies in the fact that you need to use all 10 lessons of the course during the actual schoolyear. After this schoolyear you loose all the remaining lessons of the course.
I do all the teaching from my practice at home. The up front scheduled lessons are invoiced in two parts: the period september-december and the period January-June. For the course of 10 lessons you will receive one invoice only.


1 hour€34,50regular course
30 minutes€17,25regular course
1 hour€38,50course of 10 lessons
30 minutes€19,25course of 10 lessons

General terms and conditions

Download the general terms and conditions here.