My music…

Fall of Ixion

This piece I wrote for the ArtRocks! Boijmans Music competition 2012. It was written for the painting ‘Fall of Ixion’ from Cornelis Corneliszoon of Haarlem from 1588.
The many intervals of a third suggest his fall into Hell by the hand of Zeus. Ixion was doomed to forever turn around on a wheel of fire, which you can hear in the arpeggios near the end of the piece.

The Silence of my Town

An improvisation on a poem by Kees van Meel (poet of the city of Breda), performed by Deborah Jacobs and me.

Bülow & Shields Down

Both songs are compositions of mine as played by my trio with Jurriaan Dekker on bass and Jeroen Hoogveldt on drums. On Bülow you’ll also hear Franklin Schieman on soprano saxophone.