Welcome to my website!

Here you find information on my activities as a jazz musician, pianist, writer and composer.

Living in the centre of inspiring France, I met many good musicians here in the Auvergne. Each one of them skilled, nice and inspiring.

Clé de Fra – duo with saxophonist Clément Renaudie

Our own electrical music on keys, sequencers and saxophone with effect pedals, that’s Clé de Fra. Clément Renaudie and I share our interest in beautiful compositions and sounds. A new and ambitious group! Recently our first album “Clé de Fra – Adrenalin” has gone live on the various music networks.

My interactive book ‘Improvisation!’ part 1 and 2

The last couple of years I have worked on a book about improvising. It should help musicians with understanding all aspects of improvising in music. It is in Dutch, but actually I’m working on a translation in French.

Part 1 deals with simple chord forms and scales, used in popsongs and other less complicated music.

Part 2 goes further into scales and more complex chord forms, used in jazz.

Since it is an interactive book you can listen to examples and play along. The samples are also available for downloading, so you can practice on them the way you want.